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Italian speaking fans of Burn the Floor have a treat in store later this month. Burn Nation, the online dance and fitness platform run by the dancers of this revolutionary ballroom show, will be putting a new twist on two of its popular classes. Additional Rhythm and Yoga classes will be added to the weekly timetable, to be delivered in Italian by Francesco Sasanelli and Giulia Ardizzoni, two of Burn the Floor’s Italian dancers. ​

Francesco is one of Burn Nation’s Rhythm instructors. He will be delivering a fun 45-minute dance workout full of Latin vibes incorporating some of Burn the Floor’s iconic choreography. Giulia, one of Burn Nation’s Yoga instructors will guide her class participants through yoga flows that will tone, strengthen and support the mind, body and soul.

​ The Italian speaking Rhythm and Yoga classes will begin on Monday, 24 May, Rhythm at 6.30pm and Yoga at 7.30pm (GMT). With strict Covid-19 guidelines still in place in Italy for the re-opening of gyms from mid-May, Burn Nation gives people a chance to interact, exercise and have fun from the safety and comfort of their own home. Both Francesco and Giulia are looking forward to delivering these classes in their native language and bringing Burn Nation to a whole new audience. Francesco Sasanelli had this to say: “When the pandemic hit, performing with Burn the Floor ended overnight. Burn Nation has given us a way to reconnect with the show’s fans and get to know them personally. Being able to deliver my Rhythm class in my native tongue is exciting and I am looking forward to bringing it live to our Italian followers.”

Giulia Ardizzoni added: “Burn Nation is run by Burn the Floor dancers who come from all over the world and speak many different languages, as do our fans. So, it makes sense to offer our classes in different languages and I can’t wait to connect with our Italian speakers for my yoga classes coming soon.”

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