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Updated: Jun 3

As the world eases out of lockdown one thing that will remain constant is the online Burn Nation dance and fitness platform created and run by the world-renowned dancers of the Burn the Floor dance company.

With 90 dancers based around the world, class instructors will be able to swap in and out depending on their tour commitments as theatres reopen, ensuring the current timetable of classes is uninterrupted.

The Burn Nation platform has something for everyone from ‘Savage’ HIIT workouts and ‘Rhythm’ dance fitness classes to improve overall physical health to ‘Yoga’ and ‘Stretch, Strengthen and Lengthen’ classes that are guaranteed to increase flexibility and mental wellbeing.

In addition, fans of Burn the Floor and dance lovers alike can join these outstanding dancers for dance classes to learn original Burn the Floor choreography as well as dance technique classes that will cover everything from a samba and rumba, bachata, salsa and reggaeton to tango and quickstep, plus everything in between. Classes are suitable for anyone, whether you are a beginner or an advanced dancer.

Peta Roby, one of Burn the Floor’s Creative Team Directors, said: “Burn Nation began life as a way to bring our dancers together from all the corners of the world while we were unable to perform during the first lockdown. I am really proud of how our Burn the Floor dancers have developed this concept to create something really special that we are able to share with everyone who loves to dance and keep fit.”

Burn Nation is live, interactive and accessible from anywhere in the world but above all its fun! To book a class with Burn Nation visit:

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