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Preparing for a Rhythm Class with Lauren!

On a Rhythm day the hours leading up to the class are dedicated to preparation! The workout is so intense, it’s the closest I feel to a Burn The Floor show in fact, that I try to have a restful day before the class in the evening. If I do any exercise, it’s something that’s low impact, like walking or yoga.

Real prep for a 7PM Rhythm class starts at 4PM. I eat lunch at 3PM and, just like when I do a show for BTF, I eat something that will give me a slow release of energy, like pasta. I don’t like to eat too close to such an intense workout, but I also need something to keep me fuller for longer and release energy later on… ‘cause trust me, I need it!

I start by doing my make up. I know, if you’ve been to the class you’re thinking, ‘Why on earth do you put make up on, when you finish with none left?!’ – yes, I sweat A LOT! But our Burn The Floor culture ensures that we always show up looking and feeling our absolute best. Being an instructor for a Burn Nation class is like a performance. You have to keep your energy high so that you inspire and motivate others, and people that come to your class also like to be entertained – it’s a form of distraction, but it also adds fun and excitement.

Next, I change into my Rhythm outfit which is bright and bold and full of colour – just like the class!

I then go down to the kitchen and clear everything out of the way, tables and chairs get pushed aside and the lights come out! I have two studio lights and one ring light to light up my face for when I come close to the camera!

For sound, we use USB microphones and blast the music out of an external speaker to make sure the participants get the best sound quality that will keep them dancing the night away!

The next part of my set up routine is a run through of the class itself. There are 9 routines in total (and more in my brain from the full repertoire!) so I like to run through the class to make sure everything is in order. That way I can instruct efficiently when I am calling out the counts and choreography.

We meet with our host 30 mins before the class starts to do our tech set up. The host has a checklist of things to cover before we are set to go. This includes plugging everything in, having our towel and water bottle ready, lighting, and most importantly making sure the sound is clear and at optimum level!

Once this is done, my camera switches to black, I mute my mic and the host starts letting participants in.

Honestly, at this point the nerves start to kick in… after all it is like a performance, and I want to make sure everyone has a fantastic time. But I have to say, as soon as people start joining and switching their cameras on, I get a boost of energy and I am immediately motivated and ready to go!

I love Rhythm so much! Everything about it. The prep, learning the routines, the adrenaline, the workout itself, the SWEAT, my Rhythm Squad… its the highlight of my week!

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