• Marta Cogno

Getting into the Carmen Character

Burn The Floor dancer and Burn Nation instructor Marta Cogno takes us through her preparation behind getting into the character of Carmen, a role that she has played for a few years on board the Norwegian Epic. The Carmen section has also been part of the touring Burn The Floor show for the last few years, and is a dramatic, passionate depiction of the original Carmen opera – done in the Burn The Floor way! The dancers light up the stage with intense interactions, fluid but strong execution of incredible choreography, and unmissable emotion. ‘From the first time I met her character and soul, it was love at first sight. She is such a strong, powerful and passionate woman, and she will do anything to get what she desires the most. That was so inspiring to me, on stage and also in every day life. Her spirit and flavour can’t be rehearsed, it just happens when the music comes on and lasts throughout the whole choreography.’ Here, she gives us a sneak peak of how she gets into character – and Carmen may just make an appearance!

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