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Our Stretch, Strengthen and Lengthen Instructor, Alberto Faccio shows us some exercises to release tension in the lower back.

Everyday life, sitting at a desk, standing for long periods of time, and even dancing can put stress on the lower back. Here, Alberto gives us some ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ for simple tension release stretches that you can do at home.

As well as the physical benefits you will get from these stretching exercises, releasing tension from your muscles and joints can also help release emotional stress!


  1. Cross your legs in a comfortable position

  2. Engage your core

  3. Keep your spine straight, feeling like the energy extends out of the top of your head

  4. Gently push the shoulders down

  5. Look straight forwards, ensuring that your chin is parallel to the floor


  1. Look down to the floor

  2. Hunch your shoulders forward

  3. Bend your back


  1. Lay on your back and bring your knees up to your chest

  2. Ensure your back is straight by relaxing your spine and head against the floor

  3. With your arms wrapped around your knees, rotate your legs in a circle at least 3 times each way


  1. Lift your lower back off the floor

  2. Lift your shoulders off the floor

  3. Lift your head up to cause a curve in the spine


  1. Lay on the floor and feel as if your core is gently pushing down into the ground (visualise your belly button pulling in). This will straighten your back and get rid of any gaps between your spine and the floor.

  2. Bend one leg and bring it in towards your chest. Wrap your hands or your arms around the bent leg and hold as close to your body as is comfortable.

  3. Keep your hips flat against the floor and keep your legs straight.

  4. Always try and keep your posture very straight against the floor, with no curves in your spine and ensuring your hips are square.


  1. Lift your lower back off the floor

  2. Lift the shoulders off the floor

  3. Bend the knee of the extended leg

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