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Ellie Beacock on ‘How I learn my Rhythm Routines!’

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Rhythm Instructor Ellie Beacock gives us an insight into how the instructors learn all those routines that you dance along to at the best online dance fitness workout! Many routines were created by different Burn The Floor dancers, so there is plenty of flavour in the bank of choreography. Each week, 9 routines are carefully chosen and put into an order that is thought out, to give our participants the best workout. We choose whatever is most physically effective, but also fun!

Another of the Rhythm instructors, Lauren Oakley, creates the dance order and edits the timer video that you see during the class.

‘She sends them out to us the week before that particular Rhythm order goes live, and we review all the routines to get them into our muscle memory. That way we don’t have to think too much when we shout them out during the class! I like to get to a place where the moves just sit in my body. Any new routines that are choreographed are sent to us in a WhatsApp ‘Rhythm’ Group, and it’s the Instructors’ responsibility to learn them in their own time. We also get sent the ‘steps breakdown’, so that we make sure we’re teaching everything the same.’

Watch the video to find out exactly how Ellie learns new routines. Keep your eyes peeled for the little hints and tips that she follows for herself to make sure you get the best out of your class!

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