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An Englishman in South Africa!

Stephen Vincent has been with the toughest dance show, our sister company Burn The Floor, since 2006. He has toured all over the globe for the last 15 Years, living a life on the road away from his native UK!

In 2013, Stephen met the love of his life - now his wife Kylee Vincent, on board the Norwegian Breakaway whilst performing. They got married in 2017 and have been touring together since.

Stephen and Kylee have built their home together in Pretoria, South Africa, and have had the chance to spend some time with their feet on solid ground this past year after travelling the world.

From their home, they teach Burn Nation classes and are launching a South African branch of Burn The Floor!

Here, Stephen tells us a little bit about how life differs in both countries and what its like now he lives in the Southern Hemisphere...

An Englishman in South Africa!

As an Englishman living here in South Africa it’s very different than being over 8,000 miles away in the UK.

Life is very much about being outdoors, whether it’s driving through one of the many game reserves looking for the big 5 or braaiing every night for dinner, it’s all about enjoying the wonderful climate and space.

For me, a typical day here in SA begins by making a morning coffee for Kylee and I (my job in the Vincent household) and sitting outside enjoying the morning sunshine, listening to the birds and watching our two dogs run around for 2 minutes before inevitably lying down next to us enjoying the warmth themselves.

If it’s a day of rest, my favourite thing to do is jump on my Harley Davidson and take a cruise out on the back roads, enjoying the open space and relaxing environment. Although this may sound like one long holiday, it’ll be business as usual very soon for us entertainers and I’m pretty sure things might change...well maybe just a bit.☺

After writing this, it got me thinking about some of the differences between the UK and SA.

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