• Harley Medcalf

About Those Tough Ones

I have always loved the saying “when the going gets tough, the tough get going” It is attributed to several people including John F. Kennedy’s father. I have drawn on it for inspiration, many, many times, and right now with the World’s health crisis running so deep it is more applicable than ever.

In the Burn the Floor journey, over 20 plus years, which I can best describe as a roller coaster ride of extreme emotions, the most constant thing has been the unique strength of the culture of the Company. No matter what, always able to rise up, regardless of how challenging the moment might be, pushing boundaries, finding joy, and living the dream.

The Company always delivered 100% on stage, giving themselves totally, physically and emotionally to every single show, creating the aura of the Burn the Floor dancer as the toughest in the world

When asked about my greatest pleasure with Burn the Floor, it is hard to go past standing at the Stage Door on Broadway, in 2009, watching our dancers being mobbed, the excited post show crowds completely blocking 48th Street.

However, no one example may never be better than Burn Nation, right up there, alive this minute, as a place where Pride and Passion rule, showcasing our Company as able to pivot quickly, working together as a tight team, to create a lifegiving, visionary, parallel online direction for BTF.

To watch classes delivered with care and quality always in mind, engagement, inclusion and fun right there too, for everyone to see and enjoy, and to read the positive comments of our fans and followers, is addictive, and gives me great pride.

Simply. “The Joy of Dance” has been our Mantra for many years, and, as 36 of our dancers dig deep to return to BTF ship life on NCL in the next few weeks, Peta and Nic working 24/7, and, other Company members stepping up to share love via Burn Nation every single day, our online audience growing, now, we can all loudly say the “Tough are Up and Running”

Love and See you online!

Harley Medcalf

Founder, Burn the Floor

17th July, in Lockdown, Sydney.

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