Burn The Floor has toured and entertained audiences of dance & theatre for over 20 years, always at the forefront of its industry and time. The founders & dancers have always pushed the boundaries of Ballroom dancing and due to this the company and its talent has constantly evolved into a global sensation.


Burn The Floor prides itself on the talent that it recruits - BTF Dancers have a fire inside them that ignites and burns the moment they step on stage. The determination, commitment & unwavering love for dance is something producers hunt for across the globe and when found is pure magic!


Over its 20 years Burn The Floor has seen & experienced global milestones but in true form the BTF fire has never been put out no matter the challenge, no matter the set back! In 2020 The company along with the world had to close the curtain with tremendous uncertainty of when it will re-open. In true Burn The Floor style the dancers were not going to let their passion, skill & love for the art of dance leave them - and so BURN NATION EMERGED!

Burn Nation is BTF Online… only this time it’s about including all of you into the world beyond the stage. 2020 has taught us with new challenges, brings new beginnings and the BTF Dancers cannot wait to brighten up your day with a bit of Burn The Floor fire in whatever form you choose. 

Burn Nation gives fans, dancers and followers around the world the virtual space to learn how to become BTF Fit, learning and being guided from their favourite BTF Dancers. Burn Nation aims to 'virtually' spread the fire, intensity, passion and energy that is Burn The Floor across the world with this new platform that will be the first of its kind, run solely by the talent of Burn The Floor.